The International C5I Conference will be held for the 4th time this year, with the central theme of “Challenges of Information and Network Warfare”. The conference will address the core initiatives of the C5I Department and C5I military officials as part of the multi-year “Gidon” plan. 
The conference aims to serve as a meeting point for all members and stakeholders in the C5I community, including the IDF, defense industries, foreign militaries and security industries, academics, and companies, as a platform for dialogue and information-sharing, cooperation, and development in C5I for air, naval, and ground warfare. 
The conference will be held on 18.5.17 at the Armored Corps Memorial in Latrun, as part of Israel Defense’s Latrun Week. 



The conference will address key issues at the core of the IDF C5I Department and C5I military officials as part of the multi-year “Gidon” plan:

  • Network Fire
  • Operational Cloud
  • Mobility 
  • Cyber Defense 



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