Maj. Gen. (Res.) Ami Shafran, Former Head of IDF’s C4I Branch, IDF’s Signal Corps Commander.

Ami Shafran is the former (2006-2011) Head of IDF’s C4I Branch (J6), responsible for IDF’s Telecommunication and IT systems and infrastructure, ECM/EW (Electronic-Warfare) and Cyber Defense, as well as commanding IDF’s Signal Corps.  Ami retired from active service in Feb. 2013 after 40 years of military career, serving about half of that period in the Intelligence Directorate in number of classified positions. Ami was the Head of the R&D Department in the Intelligence Directorate, the R&D Attaché’ at the Israeli Embassy in the USA, the Head of the R&D in Israel Ministry of Defense, Research & Development Directorate (MAFAT). Ami served also as the Assistant to the IDF’s Chief of the General Staff and as Chief of Staff for the Israel Minister of Defense.

Ami was member of the board of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (2004-2007) and he is currently involved in various initiatives, consulting and serves on the board of some Israeli’s Hi-Tech companies. Ami Heads the ‘Center for Cyber Technologies’ at Ariel University and he is member of the Board of Governors of that institute. 

Yair Frank, Government CIO, Head of ICT Authority, Prime Minister Office of Israel

Yair accomplished his studies and has M.A. degree, in Business Management, B.A. in Computer Science and Economics, Bar Ilan University Ramat-Gan Israel.  
Among his professional activities:

-       Executive CIO – Ministry of Justice until 05/2015.

-       Manager of PILAT Organization Consultants, in charge of the IT and Business Strategy department.

-       CIO in Partner Communication Corporation (ORANGE – IL( .

-       More than 30 years of experience in the IT field.

-       Significant experience in managing complicated and sizable ICT projects and ICT organizations, both in budget and personnel.

Gen. (Res) Udi Adam , Director General Ministry of Defense



Maj. Gen. (Res.) Uzi Moskovich, Former Head of the C4I Branch (J6), IDF
Shlomo Filber, Director General, Israeli Ministry of Communications
Oren Bratt, Head of the cyber program IMI

Oren has an experience of more than 20 years in the fields of data security and advanced security systems design. Formerly a director, Initiated and founder of 2 start-ups in the worlds of knowledge and information

Oren was an auditor of information systems security and defense systems security technologies and government organizations in Israel and abroad and director of design, implementation and maintenance teams of information security in various companies.

He is a well known advisor and consultant in the data security and cyber arena.

Oren Holds a MDB of business administration TA university and a BA & DP certification from Scholl Of visual ART, New York.

Col. (Res.) Assaf Shefi, former Head of Communications, Navy, CEO, Axiom Engineering and Integration Ltd
Shahar Gal, General Robotics, CEO

Shahar Gal is the CEO and Co-Founder of General Robotics Ltd. a world leader in innovative lifesaving robotics systems.  Shahar has 15 years’ experience at the robotics Defense and HLS industries. Prior to graduating with a Law and Business Degree with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center, Shahar graduated the Naval Academy Course and served as a Naval Officer in an Israeli Navy missile ship.

Haim Delmar, VP of C4I at Elbit Systems

Haim Delmar is the Senior Vice President of C4ISR & HLS Business Unit at Elbit Systems Ltd, where he is responsible foor the C4I business unit, including sales, marketing, and project management.  Prior to this, he held the position of Senior Director for Software and System Engineering at Elbit. His other endeavors include serving as VP Engineering for Mobilitec and VP Research and Development for Utopy. Haim is a graduate of the Technion, where he studied computer engineering. 

Uzy Zwebner, Founder & President, Innovation Basecamp; Co-founder Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Tech
Prof. Dan Sadot, Director of the Optical Communications Research Laboratory; Founder and CTO, MultiPhy
Prof. Ofer Hadar, Chairman of the Communication Systems Engineering Department, Ben Gurion University
Maj. Gen. (Res.) Udi Shani, Chairman, The IDF armored corps association
Dominika Putalova, EMEA Rugged Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC

EMEA Product Line Manager, Dell EMC
- Responsible for End-to-End product management for Rugged Mobility
- Driving EMEA business and responsible for product results
- Ensuring product features for region and driving development
- Project lead/participation: Kaizen PLO/PLM Project, Marketing Transformation – driving process improvement
- Operational product management of Tablets, Chromes and IoT – launch, transitions, EOL 
- Management of products updates during life cycle 
- Launch activities: communication with PG and Engineering, responsible for the 100% correct product setup, coordination of support teams (SKU readiness, supply availability, online page readiness, pricing..), ca. 7 Product Launches per year
- Project lead/participation: Kaizen PLO/PLM Project, Marketing Transformation – driving process improvement

Doron Kurtz, Director General at Israel Association of Electronics & Software Industries

Doron is the director general of the Israeli Association of Electronics & software Industries since October 2016. Prior to his current position Doron was V.P. Enginering & Technology (CTO)  at Pelephone for 14 years. Doron was responsible on Pelephone's cellular network and services including strategic planning, design, mega project management, implementation, operation and maintenance. Doron lead Pelephone's network upgrade mega projects including LTE network and the successful migration from CDMA to UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ .Doron was responsible on deploying wide variety of Value Added Services. Before Pelephone Doron was with the cable TV companies for 2 years (as VP) responsible to develop telecommunication services on HFC infrastructure.

Doron served many years in the IDF - signal,electronics &computers corps headquarter. He worked as head of R&D units. His last position as colonel was head of the technical  department and thecnical assitant to the corps commander.

Ran Carmeli, CEO, Polymertal

Mr. Ran Carmeli is the CEO of Polymertal Ltd company.

Polymertal is a young and innovated company that directed to the metal replacement global trend based on unique technology of surface treatment and metal plating on plastics objects. With this unique approach Polymertal offers its customers a new Hybrid products concept.

Prior to that ran was the deputy CEO at Aeronautics LTD 

Ran served in the IAF and his last position was deputy base commander.




Shay Basson, Deputy CEO, Head of Technology and Resources Division
Yoni Schiff, CEO, Gal Batoah Ing Israel

Mr Schiff has over 25 years of experience in a variety of executive positions. He led several telecom and technology companies from inception to successful product stages and international sales.

Mr Schiff served as the Head of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Knowledge Center in the field of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) for over 20 years. The center is responsible for various technological developments of the IDF as well as for all EMC legislation and compatibility for the military. As the IDF’s EMC leader, he was in charge of the designs, regulations and standardization of communication systems, vehicles, tanks, aircrafts and ships.

For more than a decade, Mr Schiff has also served as the Head of the Civil Technical Committee EMC Compliance Standards Institute for Israel.

On top of his vast experience in EMC-EMI, Mr Schiff has deep technological expertise in various areas and disciplines including RF, Cellular, wireless coverage, digital processing and digital circuits. 

B.G. (Res.) Yehoo Even-Zahav, CEO, CTI Israel
Yehoo Even-Zahav is a military veteran with 30-years of experience in ‎communications technology. Even-Zahav's strong organizational, managerial and ‎command skills saw him working with thousands of computer scientists, ‎programmers, engineers and support personnel, to implement hundreds of highly ‎complex, multidisciplinary projects. ‎‏ ‏
He is working as S.V.P of International and Foreign ‎Military Sales at the US-based CTI Computech International from 2008 until now.‎
Prior to his position as Amdocs' Delivery Unit General Manager for two years, Even-‎Zahav gained rich operational experience as a signal officer in the field, from ‎battalion level through territorial command until accepting the position as commander ‎of the C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information) ‎Technology Division, of the Israeli Defense force C4I Branch until 2005. ‎
In his operational posts, Yehoo was responsible for design, fielding and operation of ‎C4I systems for the operational units.‎
Additional career highlights include the establishment and management of a ‎technological unit to develop and operate the major C4I systems of the IDF, and ‎overseeing more than $600M in technical projects at a given time.‎
A graduate of the IDF's National Defense College, Even-Zahav also holds an M.A. in ‎Political Science (with a focus on defense studies) from Haifa University, and a B.Sc. ‎in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University.